The Encouragement Center is a non-profit organization providing residential foster services and occupational training to area youth. The Encouragement Center's core values lay the foundation of who and what we are, governing our conduct at all times.  Developed by our founders, and board of directors, these values reflect the qualities that are at the very core of all we do in dealing with children, donors, our community and each other.


Core Values: 


Children First

Our heart is to defend, protect and promote the welfare of the children in our care.  The best interests of these children drive all decision making.  We are here to serve the children, the families, each other, and the community. children smiling, thumbs up



Uncompromising integrity is expected and required throughout the organization in order to accomplish its mission.



We maintain and expect the highest standards of excellence in our provision of childcare and all other aspects of our organization.  We encourage individuals to strive for excellence and growth in their personal and professional lives.


We believe that given the proper moral foundation, guidance, tools, and resources in a stable, safe and nurturing environment these children will enter adulthood equipped to become productive, contributing members of society and will in turn foster healthy relationships with those around them, breaking the cycle of domestic violence, abuse, and neglect.

Our Services will include:




 Envision what the future can be, rather than what the past has been.


Ben Werthwein
Executive Director
ph. 817-966-3036
email - werthwein@hotmail.com

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